Casa Batllo Noble Floor

The noble floor is the primary floor of the Casa Batllo building, occupying an area of over 700 square meters. 

It served as the primary residence of Josep Batllo until his death.

Rooms on the Casa Batllo Noble Floor

The Gaudi Noble Floor comprises various rooms, including a private landing, a dining hall, and a private space for couples.


The study is the first room on the Noble Floor at Casa Batllo, and it contains a unique mushroom-shaped fireplace.

Living Room

From the study, visitors can proceed to the living room. 

The living room offers a picturesque view of the Paseo de Gracia through a large picture window. The undulating ceiling represents the waves in the sea. The large wooden doors with stained glass are a sight to behold.

Public Access to the Noble Floor as a Museum

In 2002, the noble floor of Casa Batllo was opened to the public and converted into a museum. 

Visitors can now explore the rooms and appreciate the unique architecture and design of the building. It is an interesting experience to see how the bourgeoisie of those times lived. 

FAQs about Casa Batllo Noble Floor

1. What is the Noble Floor at Casa Batllo?

The Noble Floor at Casa Batllo is the main living space of the building, located on the fourth floor. Josep Batllo, commissioned the renovation of the building and lived in this space with his family.

2. What features does the Noble Floor have?

The Nobel Floor at Casa Batllo features several unique design elements characteristic of Antoni Gaudi’s style. Gaudi’s work shows through the open, airy rooms with natural light flowing through large windows. The Nobel Floor includes several functional areas, such as a dining room, living room, and study.

3. Can visitors go into the Noble Floor?

Yes, visitors to Casa Batllo can go into the Noble Floor as part of the museum tour. The space is one of the main attractions of the building, and visitors can see how the Batllo family lived in the early 20th century.

4. What is the history of the Noble Floor?

The Nobel Floor was designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1904 as part of his renovation of the Casa Batllo building. The space was the main living area for the Batllo family and was designed to be both functional and beautiful. Over the years, the space has become a symbol of Gaudi’s unique style and vision.

5. Are there any restrictions on the Noble Floor?

Yes, there are some restrictions on the Nobel Floor for safety and conservation reasons. Visitors are not allowed to touch any furniture or decor in the space and must stay within designated areas. Visitors should follow the instructions of museum staff and respect the rules in place to preserve this historic building.

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