Loft at Casa Batllo

The servants initially utilized the Loft at Casa Batllo to carry out their laundry duties. 

The design of this part of the house revolves around the Patio of Lights and exhibits a distinct Mediterranean influence.

Casa Batllo Loft Design and Features

The unique characteristic of the loft of Casa Batllo lies in its use of the color white, which adds to its beauty and elegance. 

The design of the space is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, making it a standout feature of the house.

Arch Design of the Casa Batllo Loft

One of the striking features of the loft of Casa Batllo is the series of 60 arches arranged in a way that gives it the appearance of a rib cage of an animal. 

This arch design, combined with the other features of the loft, makes it an essential part of the overall design of Casa Batllo.

FAQs about Casa Batllo Loft

What was the original purpose of the space that now comprises the loft in Casa Batllo?

Servants used the loft in Casa Batllo for services such as laundry.

What is the characteristic feature of the loft at Casa Batllo that sets it apart from other parts of the building?

The characteristic feature of the loft that sets it apart from other parts of the building is its Mediterranean influence and the use of white color.

How is the loft at Casa Batllo designed to balance both form and function?

The loft’s design balances both form and function by using the 60 arches, interlinking each other in such a way that they resemble the rib cage of an animal, and provide ample natural light through windows and skylights.

How many arches are there in the loft at Casa Batllo, and what is their arrangement meant to resemble?

There are 60 arches in the loft, and their arrangement resembles the rib cage of an animal.

Are there any particular architectural styles that inspired the design of the loft in Casa Batllo?

While no particular architectural styles inspired the loft’s design in Casa Batllo, Gaudi was known for his innovative and unique approach to architecture, and the loft is a prime example of his creativity and originality.

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