Casa Batllo Noble Floor

Casa Batllo, one of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces, is not just an architectural marvel but also a window to the past lifestyle of its former residents. 

The noble floor, located at the heart of this iconic building, offers a glimpse into the world of Josep Batllo, who once called this floor his home.

Let’s look at the unique features of Casa Batllo noble floor.

About Noble Floor

The noble floor is the main floor of Casa Batllo and covers over 700 square meters of area. 

It served as the primary residence of Josep Batllo (renowned textile industrialist) until his passing. 

This floor was designed to display class and sophistication, reflecting the wealth.

Casa Batllo Noble Floor Rooms

As you enter the noble floor, you arrive at a private landing that sets the tone for the luxury that awaits. 

Each room on the Noble Floor has its unique appeal and identity.

The Study Room

The first room you come to on the Noble Floor is the study room. 

A unique feature of this room is a mushroom-shaped fireplace, an example of Gaudí’s innovative thinking. 

This room is more than just a workspace, it is also an area for inspiration.

The Living Room

The study leads to the main living room, with a stunning view of Paseo de Gracia via a large picture window. 

The space feels more lively because of the ceiling, which imitates the sea waves. 

Another feature is the large oak doors, decorated with stained glass, showing Gaudí’s focus on detail and craftsmanship.

Public Access to the Noble Floor as a Museum

In 2002, the Casa Batllo noble floor was opened to the public and converted into a museum. 

Visitors can now explore these rooms and appreciate the unique architecture and design of the building. 

It is an amazing chance to step back in time and see how the wealthy people of those times lived, surrounded by luxury and beauty.


Where is Casa Batllo located?

What is the Noble Floor at Casa Batllo?

The Noble Floor at Casa Batllo is the main living space of the building, originally designed for the Batllo family.

Who lived on the noble floor of Casa Batllo?

The noble floor was once the primary residence of Josep Batllo, a prominent textile industrialist.

What can visitors expect to see on Casa Batllo noble floor?

Visitors can explore various rooms, including a study with a unique mushroom-shaped fireplace and a living room with stunning views.

Can visitors go into the Noble Floor?

Visitors can explore the Noble Floor at Casa Batllo as part of the museum tour. 

It provides a glimpse into the daily life of the Batllo family during the early 20th century.

What is the history of the Noble Floor?

Designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1904, the Noble Floor was an essential part of the renovation of Casa Batllo. 

It served as the primary living space for the Batllo family and was designed to be both functional and beautiful.

Are there any restrictions on the Noble Floor?

Yes, visitors are asked not to touch furniture or decorations and stay within designated areas. 

Respecting this rule ensures the preservation of this historic space for future generations.

How does the living room at Casa Batllo noble floor reflect Gaudí’s style?

The living room boasts a large picture window with views of Paseo de Gracia and a wavy ceiling resembling the sea waves, demonstrating Gaudí’s artistic vision.

What is the current purpose of Casa Batllo noble floor?

The noble floor now serves as a museum, allowing visitors to appreciate its architecture and design.

How does Casa Batllo noble floor contribute to understanding the past?

The noble floor offers a unique opportunity to see how the wealthy lived in the past, providing insight into historical lifestyle and design.

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