The Entrance Hall at Casa Batllo

The Entrance of the Batllo Family’s Private Residence marks the entry to this architectural wonder.

Before entering the private residence of the Batlló family, visitors will come across a communal entrance hall on the ground floor.

Some notable features of this Entrance Hall at Casa Batllo are as follows:

Underwater Environment

The first stop inside the Batlló family’s residence is the entrance hall designed to give the illusion of being underwater. The skylights resemble turtle shells, and the vaulted walls are curved.


The skylights in the entrance hall look like turtle shells, adding to the underwater theme of the area.

Vaulted Walls and Staircase

The entrance hall’s walls are vaulted and curved in shape, adding to the underwater atmosphere. 

There is also a hardwood staircase with a handrail carved as an animal backbone.

Carved Banister

The staircase’s railing is carved out of hardwood and designed to look like an animal’s backbone, adding to the unique and creative design of the Batlló family residence.

FAQs about The Entrance Hall at Casa Batllo

What is the Entrance Hall at Casa Batllo?

The Entrance Hall at Casa Batllo is the first space visitors encounter when they enter the building. It is a large and impressive space with a unique and ornate design, created by architect Antoni Gaudi.

What are the unique features of theCasa Batllo Entrance Hall?

The Entrance Hall at Casa Batllo is known for its ornate and whimsical design. The space also features a grand staircase that leads up to the rest of the building.

Can visitors go into the Entrance Hall of Casa Batllo?

Yes, visitors to Casa Batllo can go into the Entrance Hall as part of the museum tour. The hall is one of the first spaces visitors see when they enter the building, and it is a popular spot for taking photos and appreciating Gaudi’s unique design.

What is the history of the Entrance Hall?

The Entrance Hall was designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1904 as part of his renovation of the Casa Batllo building. As per Gaudi’s initial design, the space was to serve as the main entrance to the building and was meant to make a grand impression on visitors. Over the years the Entrance Hall has become one of the building’s most famous and recognizable features.

Are there any special events or performances that take place in the Entrance Hall?

Yes, the Entrance Hall at Casa Batllo is occasionally used as a venue for special events and performances. Visitors to the museum should check the Casa Batllo website or ask museum staff for information on upcoming events.

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